Tina the Coffee Fiend aka Whispering Feather (whispfeath) wrote in xxdrink_mexx,
Tina the Coffee Fiend aka Whispering Feather

Experimenting with Kahlua

I'm trying my hand at a home made kahlua (vodka base, so no it's not moonshine lol).  It's supposed to be ready this week (after 3 weeks of fermenting), but we'll see.  I did 2 partially-filled quart jars of it, but yesterday it was still so light that I dumped more coffee grounds in one of the jars.  It'll be interesting, to say the least.  If it turns out decent, I'll be posting the recipe.  Nice thing is the recipe can be adjusted to taste (as in, if you love the coffee flavor like I do, add extra coffee grounds).  
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sweet, thanks, i hope it turns out well!